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In financial management sometimes occur situations, when a company does not have enough financial resources and that is why the company has to borrow extraneous resources.

There exists variety of loans today. There exist a lot of banks, which provide loans. Our priority, that is to help understand our clients, how long the company will need finances and which bank product would be thew most suitable for their company.
Banks offer to us different options:

- Overdraft loan – the base is overdraft account, which is used for payment of short-term commitments and receiving of payments
- Consumer loan – it is used for financing of concrete requirements of a client
- Investment loan – it is provided by acquisition of material or non-material assets, by reconstructions or maintenance
- Bridging loan – it is financed for purpose given in advance
- Operating loan – it is used for financing of short-term operating requirements of client
- Mortgage – bank is providing it for financing of buying, building, reconstruction of property

Except of the loans, banks provide other operations such as:

- Factoring – for client it means purchase of short-term claims according to the factoring contract
- Forfaiting – it is used mostly in foreign trade, it means purchasing of medium-term and long-term claims
- Financial leasing – it is provided through leasing companies

When in a bad financial situation in company development or unforeseen circumstances (e.g.: death of share-holder, selling of business share, selling of the company, …) our company offers these economic services: