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Business entities, which are obliged to keep accounts, are defined in § 1 in law number 431/2002 on accounting as later amended and in simplified version they are: legal entities, which have residence in Slovak republic and provide business or make other activity; individuals – tradesmen, which do not keep tax registry or do not apply expenditures in standard amount.

If you belong to stated subjects, you have two possibilities by which you can secure your accounting. The first possibility is to secure accounting alone, which means having directly in your company an accountant, who will secure accounting and you will pay them monthly wage. The other possibility is leaving the accounting to the company, which is specialized in securing accounting.

If you are obliged to keep accounts, the law on accounting in § 5 is giving you a possibility to delegate accounting to other legal entity or individual. By considering the possibilities of keeping accounts in your company or externally, the entrepreneur should consider some factors, which are:

- size of the company
- amount and intensity of documentation, which would be necessary to process
- documents, laws, information, which are important for bookkeeping
- necessary technical support for bookkeeping
- frequency and range of necessary information from accounting
- costs of external accounting services compared to the wage of the employee, who secures accounting

If you decided for external company doing accounting and wages, our company is offering you these services: